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Mission statement

Acta Informatica Pragensia (ISSN 1805-4951) is a peer-reviewed journal on social and business aspects of informatics that uses the Open Access model of sharing scientific knowledge. The aim of the journal is to actively support research and professional activities by offering a publication platform that is available worldwide and is free of charge. The journal covers a broad range of topics dealing with the social and business aspects of informatics. It covers mainly the theory and application of enterprise information systems, as well as interactions between information and communications technologies (ICT) and people.

In the business domain, we especially seek the empirical and design type of research with practical applications, such as research articles concerned with the current problems of IT managers and IT professionals working in various types of organizations. In the social domain, we particularly welcome submissions that emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of ICT when considering its application and impact on the society.

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The Editorial Board has an international profile. The journal has five main sections, each with its own Section Editor-in-Chief:

Michal Dolezel ǀ Section Editor-in-Chief
Information Systems Development

Miloslav Hub ǀ Section Editor-in-Chief
Public Administration Informatics

Stanislava Mildeova ǀ Section Editor-in-Chief
Systems Engineering

Zdenek Smutny ǀ Section Editor-in-Chief
Social Informatics

Ondrej Zamazal ǀ Section Editor-in-Chief
Knowledge technology and the WWW